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Kelly KAt the time of this writing, I am a first time mom to an eight-month-old boy, living in a condo just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Those of you who know anything about Vancouver know why I live “just outside” of the city, haha. These eight months have had many ups and down,s as any parent will tell you, but the spontaneous precious moments make this the best time of my life.

I work in the medical industry. I get to see soon to be moms and their little babies all day! So getting to have one of my own is a really rewarding experience and I am finally able to relate with my patients.  The worrying, the excitement, heartburn (even when you haven’t eaten anything), swollen feet, and constantly having your hand on your belly so you can feel the kicks…..I can understand so much more now.

I am very hands on with my son and I want the full experience raising him. With the feedings, diaper changes, baths and so on, it’s more work than I ever imagined. With all of that said, I happy to channel this new inspiration into a blog, so here I am.

What Do I Hope to Accomplish?

I see this blog as a way to inject myself in to the massive sphere of parenthood. With this being my first time experiencing this, I’d like to understand what the community is all about.

Having a baby for the first time was/is extremely overwhelming to say the least. My google history is filled with “Is it OK if…” and “my baby is doing…is it OK”. Daily phone calls to my mom consist of “should I get this?” “why is he doing this?” “do I need to do this?”. I know I am not the only one, and I always feel better when I can talk to parents going through or have gone through the same thing

Living in a condo with a baby, you learn to adapt to the space and restrictions you have. It’s always interesting to see the creative ways people save room once they have a baby. I definitely only purchase what I absolutely need, because a) there’s no friggen room for it. b) there’s no friggen room to store it once your baby has used it for all of 3 months and c) if you’re like me, you live in a condo because you’re trying to cut down on costs, so maybe one day you can own a patch of grass way out in suburbia with a leaking roof for one million dollars.

With first time parents occurring in this world every day, I have an opportunity to pass along experiences and information to internet explorers who were just like me. Having a baby has been a lot of trial and error and winging it.  I learned plenty from blogs but it’s also very interesting reading about real life events, I hope mine can help readers or at least entertain.

My Goal Is…

My blog will unite parents on the start of their journey with the parents at the end and in between.  The seekers of baby solutions will be able to have their questions answered by those generous to share their experiences.

If you ever need a hand or have some questions, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out how ever I can.




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