Get Up To 20% Off Diapers, Baby Food, and More


Compliments of Amazon Family, Prime members save up to 20% on subscriptions to diapers, baby food (excluding formula), and more.

The Amazon Subscribe & Save program can be a great way for Prime members to save money while automating a bit of life. For my family, Subscribe & Save is a way to buy items like diapers or wipes that we never seem to realize we’re running low on until the last minute. Here’s how the program works and how you can make the most out of it.

To access the discount:

  • Join Prime by visiting www.amazon.com/family.
  • Choose from select diapers , baby food, and more.
  • Click Subscribe Now on applicable items. In order to access the 20% discount, you must have 5 subscriptions arriving on the same day to the same address.


    • If your free trial is over and you have not joined Amazon Prime, you will not be eligible for the additional 15% discount provided by Amazon Family on diapers, baby food, and more for customers with 5 subscriptions and other benefits. However, you’ll continue to receive the current 5% Subscribe & Save base discount on
      existing subscriptions which is available to everyone.
    • To change your delivery schedule or cancel go to Your Subscribe & Save Items.
    • You can also create an Amazon Household to share certain Prime benefits, including up to 20% off diaper subscriptions with one other adult in your household.

How ‘Subscribe & Save’ Works

Basically, when you buy these items you can either buy them normally to ship with your next manual Amazon order, or you can add them to your Subscribe & Save list. This list sets up regular delivery dates — from monthly to every six months — whatever fits your needs.

Don’t worry you can edit your orders if your baby moves up in diaper size for example.

What Are the Benefits of ‘Subscribe & Save?’

Besides just making life easier by automating the shipment of certain items you need on a regular basis, Subscribe & Save has a few other benefits, including:

  • Discounted prices. The basic Subscribe & Save price for nearly all items is a little lower than the normal sticker price. But you can stack those savings up even more by adding five or more eligible items to your subscriptions. For some items, the savings is 15%, and for diaper subscriptions, it’s 20%.
  • Coupon options. You can add even more savings by clipping Amazon coupons Opens a New Window. when you check out. These coupons often apply to the first time an item ships as part of your Subscribe & Save cart.
  • Free shipping. Even if you’re not an Amazon Prime member, you get free shipping when you use Subscribe & Save. This also applies to small items Amazon calls Add-On items, which even Prime members have to add to a cart with at least $25 worth of goods to ship for free.
  • Flexible delivery schedules. You can set items to a delivery schedule that fits your needs. And you can always update your delivery schedule if you find you’re receiving too many or too few shipments for your personal use.
  • Changeable delivery date. On top of that, if you need to bump your delivery date a few days — say you’re running low on diapers and need a delivery a week early, it’s no problem. Just log into your Amazon account, and change your delivery date.
  • Add additional items just before your ship date. Loads of deal and coupon websites give lists of the best Subscribe & Save deals for that particular month (or you can download an app like Honey that will automatically check to see if any coupons are available for the item you’re considering). Check these deals out before your order’s last day
    to edit.
  • Always have at least five items in your Subscribe & Save account.The best way to net 5% to 15% savings on Subscribe & Save is to schedule at least five items for regular delivery. With all the available Subscribe & Save items, it’s pretty easy to find some
    household basics to help you meet this savings threshold.
  • Look for coupons. Amazon offers the option to clip virtual coupons as they’re available. Again, you can often find lists of coupon-eligible items on deal sites around the web or with savings apps. These coupons typically only apply to your first Subscribe & Save order, but they can be a great way to net some initial savings.
  • Edit items as you go. If you find yourself consistently “skipping” one or two items, make your life a little easier: edit the shipment times. Again, you can have your Subscribe & Save items shipped as often as once month or as infrequently as every six months. Tweak your shipment times as you go, and you’ll put less time into managing your Subscribe & Save list each month.


Like all Amazon tools and programs, Subscribe & Save won’t always save you money. Sometimes there’s a premium to be paid for convenience. But if you use these tips, you can probably get great discounts on items you would have purchased to begin with.

Take advantage of cost savings and free shipping on on diapers, baby food, and more by clicking on a banner or blue link where you see them!


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