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The relevancy of this article to anyone thinking of at some point, or presently, raising a young one is paramount. Health is under attack. We live in an age of telescopic innovation. In every way we are rapidly advancing.

Are we sacrificing healthy habits for the latest trends? Healthy food babies healthy seems pretty obvious. is that the motive of big business though?

Think of the of the technologies available to us in the last ten years compared to the twenty years before that. When your parents raised you, were you under constant surveillance with a baby monitor the entire time you slept?

Did your mom check an app to see if you were going through a leap after a day of crankiness? You can now be constantly be updated as to what sized fruit your baby is during pregnancy.

It’s safe to say we are overwhelmed by these advances. Do I get the baby monitor for $40 that lets be see my baby? Or do I shell out $400 for the one that shows me the heart rate and the rooms oxygen level? First world problems?

What happens when big business tried and true technologies no longer bare fruit? What happens when big business rapid technological advances benifit the company’s bottom line but your health becomes compromised?

It’s never been more difficult to raise a baby. You need to earn enough money. Keep up on everything! What safe, whats dangerous, whats healthy, whats not… Unfortunately we don’t live in a time where you can flat out trust. Sometimes you just need to go…

Healthy Food Babies Healthy, Back to Basics?

One of the problems with rapid in innovation is when a technology is new it seems great! But the test of time reveals flaws, and where flaws exist, these new shiny objects take on rust and get relegated to the dumpster of failed experiments.

Luckily most people who see ‘Bacon Flavored Baby Formula’ can tell right away it’s a bad idea. But what happens when a trusted company that you grew up on reveals it may not have been straight with you you on the quality of it’s product?

What happens when a company is exposed for tainting common foods you have been raising your children on?

In a time where these products weren’t in such a rush to hit the market and instantly produce massive profits, flawed products died on the vine. These days we find out deficiencies when it’s too late, after mass adoption.

With the news cycle changing on a daily basis, catastrophes like cancer causing chemicals in processed meat get swept under the rug. Ever eat a raw hot dog?

When you’re in the business of raising a child you would never add chemicals to your child’s meal. You would hope that companies you trust wouldn’t either.

Good Thing Humans Aren’t Dependant

Breaking News! Humans are dependant. The good news, due to our resourcefulness, in developed countries, we don’t lack food for nourishment, clothing to protect ourselves from the environment, or shelter from the forces of nature. Of course there are exceptions.

The bad news, we rely on others to provide these essential resources. We depend on major corporations, to small local businesses, to provide us sustenance for your daily lives.

(Sometimes for fun we try to do it ourselves and plant a little garden in the backyard, that may feed our family for a week or three).

We are far removed from growing our crops, managing livestock, making our clothing or building our shelters. This means we have no say in quality controls. We are the end user.

If you had a say, you would never put pesticides in your crops, inject hormones into your livestock, put chemicals in your textiles, or build your house with hazardous materials.

But for business reasons, businesses taint their products that in one way or another, we eventually consume.

I could go on and on about companies that earned our trust only to deceive us in the end, but that’s for a different blog. I will bring a couple of examples of companies we did trust, and given the impact on our health we should be able to…

In McDonald’s We Trust…

If you’re of a certain age it’s likely you can’t possibly remember how many times you have been to McDonald’s. It was the place every kid wanted to go to eat.

Kids grew up eating McDonald’s and didn’t stop when they became adults. The public image was bullet proof.

McDonald’s never promoted itself as serving healthy food, nor were we confusing them as such. What they had was our ‘trust’.

One of the strongest brands ever known, around 2015 McDonald’s came under fire regarding the meat products the used. People became more health conscious, no longer took for granted that they were eating a healthy product, they asked questions.

Basically, in an admission of guilt, McDonald’s did not stand behind what they were selling or try to prove the legitimacy of their meat.

Instead, they changed the beef and the chicken they used, and launched major marketing campaigns promoting they would be using ‘fresh beef’.

In fact, if you Google ‘McDonald’s real meat’, (results may vary) eleven articles on the top page of results are from this year, seven by McDonald’s, that are about their ‘fresh beef’.

McDonald’s made sure, and spent a lot of money, to make sure there were no questions about the quality of their meat made the first page of results.

This ‘scandal’ wasn’t even that bad, in fact it should have been a lot worse. What was the the meat they were using? They seemed to get a pass not having to reveal the truth about the mystery meat.

Re-branding on the fly with ‘fresh meat’ and adding a slew of healthy items to a new menu that had always been pretty static as far as food options, seemed to do the trick.

McDonald’s isn’t going out of business, but over the past few years have closed hundreds of locations. Is their demise due to a shift in health consciousness? I think so.

With the shift towards healthy eating getting stronger, parents are no longer
going to trust McDonald’s being a staple in their children’s live any longer.

Did McDonald’s decide it no longer cared about it’s consumers health? I’m sure they cared. But they were on the wrong end of a major trend shift and they were forced to adopt.


A dubious company, Monsanto just lost a historic case, paying out over 200 million to Dewayne Anthony Lee Johnson suffering from terminal cancel due to exposure to Roundup.

Monsanto’s flagship herbicide, (banned in several European countries), is still used on many crops, lentils, peas, soybeans, corn, flax, rye, triticale, buckwheat, millet, canola, sugar beets, and potatoes.

What’s worse, is now crops called ‘Roundup Ready crops’ were geneticaly modified to be resistant to Glysophate. What’s alarming is Glyphosate use increased 1500% since genetically modified crops were introduced.

Glyphosate, the cancer causing chemical in Roundup, has been detected in childhood vaccines. Nothing good seems to come from this company. I’m most people come across some product influenced by this company daily. That’s scary.

Who Can We Trust?

Why do the they do this to us? MONEY. I’m sure these companies aren’t purposely (hopefully) trying to harm us, but I’m sure the prospect of losing money causes them to do in-humane things.

For years watchdogs have been after Monsanto for various reasons, but they have always been able to dodge and evade consequences, luckily something finally stuck. How do they get away way with it?

With enough money applied to a problem it simply goes away. Companies with vast amounts of money, through lobbyists, use that money to influence law makers.

These law makers make 140k per year but become multi-millionaires in short periods of time. Ponder that. It’s not the American way, but it’s an aspect. It is possible to protect your family from these detriments but it takes more effort and researching on your part.


Positive mantras lead to positive outcomes. Healthy Food Babies Healthy I think is a great place to originate!

What’s to be learned from this? It’s not in your health’s best interest to take things for granted. It is now up to you to learn about what you consume more than ever.

Maybe you’re not so concerned for your health, maybe you haven’t been effected by some of these unscrupulous companies, but you are responsible for an-other’s life that has no possibility of choosing what types of evils it will be exposed to.

For you and those you provide for getting back to basics, sourcing the organic products, will result in a healthier lifestyle. The best place to start.

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